Altar Guild


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Worship Services


Preparing the altar area and chapel for worship and prayer, members of the Altar Guild are vital to the heart of our church services.

St. Mary's Altar Guild
Altar Guild responsibilities are varied, including making sure the altar hangings are appropriate for the season, filling candles, preparation of vessels for Eucharist, polishing brass and silver, and cleaning and ironing the altar cloths and hangings. Working in teams of two on a rotating basis, Altar Guild offers an opportunity for members of the parish who want to be directly involved in worship while remaining "behind the scenes."

Altar Flowers
Altar flowers may be given in honor of or in memory of loved ones on a certain date by signing up on the chart in the narthex and providing a donation. Our Altar Guild Directress will make arrangements for the flowers and your intention will be printed in the Sunday bulletin. Special baskets and vases in addition to altar flowers may also be arranged. Contact the church office.

Please let ue  know when there is a new baby born in your family. A tradition of placing a rosebud on the altar in honor of the baby's birth was begun a few years ago by an Altar Guild member.

At Christmas, poinsettias decorate the sanctuary and creche and at Easter, spring flowers and lilies beautify the altar. The holiday flowers may also be given in honor or memory of your loved ones.

Flower Delivery Ministry
This ministry is made possible by parishioners who have signed up to take the altar flowers to the sick and shut-ins, or to those marking special occasions. The flowers are prepared, and names and addresses are provided. The visit with a fellow parishioners is as important as the delivery. A rotating schedule is set up to provide weekly deliveries.