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In 2010, St. Mary's recommitted to be a better steward of God's creation.

St. Mary's Green Faith Mission Statement

We believe creation is a gift from God. God has called us into covenant to be good stewards so our children's children can rejoice in the wonders of God's work. Because we hold these beliefs, we commit to equipping ourselves and others to become enthusiastic and faithful advocates, stewards and teachers for the environment. Therefore, God calls us to be a beacon to our community and beyond for the love, protection, and preservation of God's creation.

In 2010, our Centennial Year, St. Mary's celebrated our past by preserving our future with the installation of 106 solar panels on the church, parish hall and rectory.  Our commitment to be better stewards of God's creation was not only environmentally friendly, but saves daily on our cost of electricity.

In 2011, St. Mary's application to become GreenFaith certified was accepted. GreenFaith is a two year, holistic process that engages entire congregations through education, worship, environmental justice, building and grounds work, and developing relationships with the larger interfaith community to raise awareness of ways in which we can create a more sustainable compassionate economy and way of life.