Pastoral Care / Prayer Group


Altar Flower Delivery Ministry

We care for one another in Christ's name bringing his love, his compassion, his healing to those in need.

Pastoral Care Program
Pastoral care takes place in a variety of ways. You can serve as a visitor to the homebound, provide support to people in our church caring for a sick loved one; provide a meal for someone returnng from the hospital or for a family grieving the loss of a loved one. Eucharistic Visitors are trained and certified to bring Communion to our shut-ins, or at the hospital.

If you have an emergency, or if you are going into the hospital, or if you have been ill and unable to attend services, or if you know of someone to whom any of the above applies, and you want us to know, please call the church office and leave a message. We want to hear from you when you have pastoral care needs.

Prayer Group
St. Mary's Prayer Group continues to pray fervently and daily for the needs of our parishioners and friends. They maintain a prayer chain list containing requests for prayers submitted to the group. The list is confidential and shared only by prayer group members.

You may add a prayer request to the prayer chain by calling the church office 609- 368-5922,
or contacting Margaret Conrad. Typically a name or prayer request remains on the list for a period of three months. Anyone who lists a name on the prayer chain is asked to let a prayer group member know at the end of the three month time whether or not they want their prayer request removed. If not, then the request will remain on for another three month interval. If the prayer group is not notified at the end of three months, that prayer request will automatically be removed.

Anyone in the parish is welcome to join this group and participate in this prayer ministry. Please join us as this is a most valuable way for us to be present to our parishioners and friends in their time of need.

Please note that the prayer list for Sunday's Prayers of the People is not part of the prayer group's responsibility. Requests to enter a name in the Sunday Prayers of the People can be made through the parish office.