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Liturgy is our response to God. The format for our worship is from our Book of Common Prayer. It is our Holy Eucharist Service, the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples before he died, the meal that remembers his death and resurrection.


8 am Rite i
Holy Eucharist

10 am  Rite II 
Holy Eucharist with choir



Palm/Passion Sunday
April 14  - 8 and 10 AM

April 17 - 8 pm

Maundy Thursday
April 18 - 7 pm

Good Friday
April 19 - 12 noon

Holy Saturday
April 20 - 9 AM

Easter Sunday
April 21 - 8 and 10 AM

Sunrise Ecumenical Service
6:30 am, at 96th St. Beach, Stone Harbor

Our liturgy is in two parts, the liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist (Communion). Eucharist means "thanksgiving." By celebrating Christ's life, death and resurrection, we thank God for his gift of unconditional love.

We invite all to be active participants in our worship. For ease of use, the service leaflet contains all the congregational portions of our liturgy.

Everyone is welcome to come to the table to share in Communion as this gift is given to us by Jesus for the benefit of all of God's people.

Grape juice and wine, and wheat and gluten-free wafers are all consecrated and available. 

We want to share our celebration of God's love with you.  Please join us.

8 AM Rite I
The quiet atmosphere of this early morning reverent service has its own devoted following.  The more traditional language of the Episcopal Church is used at Rite I.

10 AM Rite II
This is a lively family-friendly service using the contemporary language of Rite II. We praise God through music and song with our organist and choir, and congregational singing throughout the service. Children are encouraged to receive Communion with their parents

HOLY WEEK - What's it all about?
For close to two millennia, the Week has been a sacred time for all Christians. Unfortunately for many Christians much of the Week has gone out of practice. We are doing all we can to keep all of the Week a part of your life. We hope that you will be able to participate in some way on one of the days of Holy Week.
We will be providing a more complete description of each of the services in Holy Week in the following weeks. We begin with:

Tenebrae - a moving descent into the darkest days of the church year. As psalms are said and readings are heard, the candles are extinguished one by one until, by the end, a single flickering light remains. There is no other source of illumination. A strepitus, or loud noise evokes the rolling of the rock in front of the tomb holding the body of the crucified Jesus. The congregation files out in silence. Tenebrae will be held at 8 pm on Wednesday, April 17th in the chapel.